How to Tell Family and Friends You’re Engaged, According to the Pros

Nothing  in the world is more exciting than jumping on the Internet to announce your new engagement. And with all the excitement, it can be hard to stop yourself from texting everyone you know or logging into Instagram while your partner is still on bended knee. But before you pull out your phone and start searching for the bride emoji, read these tips on announcing your engagement the right way.

Enjoy the Moment

Yes, it can be tempting to alert everyone you know as soon as possible, but, take a breath… take some time out as a couple to enjoy the moment!  Then make a game plan about when and how you want to share your news with the world.

Tell the Right People First

Whether you agree to wait a few weeks or just a few hours, make sure you tell your nearest and dearest before anyone else. You may be itching to call your BFF, but your immediate families should be clued in before anyone else. If you can’t reach your sister or you new fiancé is having a hard time getting a hold of his parents, you’ll want to wait before you spread the news to the rest of your inner circle.

Who falls into this category? Generally, it’s made up of both of your families, grandparents, and close friends. Use this as a good rule of thumb: If you would be hurt to find out about their engagement through the grapevine or online, include them in the list of people you tell first.3

Pick up the Phone

That brings us to our next point. Your mom doesn’t want to hear you’re engaged in a text. Give her a call-or, better yet, see her in person so she can share in the excitement with you. Your friends may be a different story, but if there’s anyone you think would be hurt that you didn’t make a larger effort, think about reaching out in a more personalized way. Nothing beats real communication!

Let Your New Ring Shine, but Only if You Want to

Ah, the Instagram Ring Selfie… It’s become synonymous with getting engaged, but if you don’t feel comfortable showing your entire ring to the world, know that you don’t have to. A dual shot with your new fiancé is a sweet way to announce your engagement.

If you’re all about showing off the rock, then make the most of it…Try to get next to a window with the sun shining through it. It’ll look like a disco ball is turned on, and that it’s definitely time to party and celebrate!

Congratulations ladies and gents, and we look forward to seeing you in the shop for any and all your wedding invitation needs!