You’re Invited! Yes, No or Maybe?!

This coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way many of us are planning weddings, in general, and wedding invitations, in particular.

Before your guests are able to book a flight, rent a car, or put down a credit card for a hotel stay, there are a few important questions everyone needs to consider.

Where is the venue?

Most people will ask themselves if they can get there by car, which is one of the safest ways to travel these days. Other questions guests should ask: “Does the place I’m going to have a high or low number of cases?” “Will I have to sleep over?” Also consider, some states require your guests to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival or after returning home.

Will social distancing and mask wearing be observed?

Rules and regulations differ by state. How a couple executes them can fluctuate as well. Many brides and grooms are following the rule where everyone wears masks 100 percent when they are inside, however, once outside, guests are social distancing and wearing masks according to their comfort level. Customized masks as well as personalized temperature checks and sanitizing stations are popular during these unusual times.

How many guests are attending and will they be tested for Covid-19?

For some invitees knowing whether there will be 25 or 80 guests in attendance may be a deciding factor. Some couples are making it a policy where every guest and vendor they hired need to be tested and require a negative result within 48 to 72 hours in order to attend the wedding. Obviously, this will vary from one family to another, depending on their level of comfort and individual family members’ health issues.

Is the wedding outside?

The outdoors is widely considered a healthier or lower risk environment. If planning an outdoor wedding, the use of tents as a back-up plan is always a good idea, if the weather turns unfavorable.

How will reception seating be arranged?

In this new pandemic environment, many families are opting to let their guests request whom they eat with. This also prevents the chaos of people finding their seat that night and not feeling comfortable with where they’ve been assigned.

How will food be served?

Buffets, family-style portion or preset tables are no longer the favored options. Guests want their food touched by as few people as possible and served as fresh and as individually, as possible. Sometimes, an option is having one waiter assigned to a table for the entire evening, with food individually plated and silverware wrapped inside a napkin. The fear is the longer the food is exposed, the more people could have touched it.

How long will your guests want to stay?

Anything goes right now! Some guests might stay for dinner, while others who are older and health-compromised might leave right after the ceremony. Invitees should let their hosts know ahead of time that they plan to depart early.

Best of luck to all our friends following this blog and planning your own weddings during these unprecedented times. Please know we are always here to consult and help guide you through these uncharted waters!