Welcome to the Bro-dal Shower!

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Some grooms are choosing to have some not-so-rowdy pre-wedding celebrations…

Man-showers or ‘Bro-dal Showers’…events that celebrate a man’s first step into marriage, are increasing in popularity.  If the future bride can have a shower, why not the groom?

But do NOT mistake these for the bachelor party, that is very different from a Bro-dal Shower.  The bachelor party usually involves more money, a smaller, closer group of men, and it has a less sophisticated, wilder vibe.  Showers are more formalized.  They are laid back, and generally happen during the day with fun activities and a broader group of people, like extended family, in-laws, co-workers, even your boss, who might be invited to this because there is less bad behavior.

A shower, whether for a woman or a man, a straight or gay person, acknowledges a milestone.  For men, it’s acknowledging the fact that they are taking more prominent roles in the wedding process, and it’s a way of giving him more attention beyond the bachelor party. 

Aside from wanting the same experiences women customarily have received, some wedding planners and therapists attribute the ‘pro-parties’ to the embracing of a man’s readiness to be vulnerable and the thought “what about me, I’m getting married too!”

The definition of what’s masculine and what it means to be a man is changing and the idea of the solitary man who doesn’t need connection no longer exists.  Men are becoming socially able to value their friendships more and make that public.  They are ok with showing vulnerability…well some are anyhow.

Brides have been at the center of the celebration and that has left out men.  These parties are about how we honor men, and the big change in their lives that they are entering   Some men that have been to the event have said,  ‘After attending one, they want to have one too!,” …and stood around wondering “why haven’t we done this before?!”

So girls, talk to your men and see if they want a Bro-dal Shower of their own!