Wedding Thank You Note Survival Guide

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A beautiful example of wedding thank you note stationery.

There’s just something about putting pen to paper that conveys a personal touch from the sender and expresses gratitude in a way that is un-matched in today’s digital world.

Here a few short and sweet tips I’ve compiled over the years and hope that will be of some help to you!

Step 1:  Start Early

Thank you note prep starts months before you unwrap your first gift.  It’s a good idea to make an extra copy of your guest list and add a column for gifts and wedding thank you notes.  This is a good way to keep a running log of your note progress as you go along.

Step 2:  Stock up

Shortly after you’re engaged, it’s a good idea to invest in some stationery that reflects you as a couple – or pick up some simple white or ecru note cards.  If you’ve selected a wedding motif, such as adirondack chairs, a pair of sea horses or palm trees, consider using it on your social stationery too.  A good roller ball pen will help improve anhyone’s penmanship.

Step 3:  Set Up Shop

Take a moment to designate a “writing station”.  You’re more likely to sit down and write notes if you have a comfy place to sit and all your supplies at hand.

Step 4:  Just Do It

Wedding etiquette dictates that every gift deserves a thank you note.  Don’t stress about getting them done all in one sitting.  Instead, allow 30 minutes to one hour every day to tackle your list.

Step 5:  Tips for the Perfect Note

Personalize your thank you note to reflect your relationship with the recipient and the gift they gave,  If you’ve been gifted money for your wedding, explain how you plan to use it, like:  “We’re saving for our first house.” or “We can’t wait to indulge in the spa on our honeymoon.”  Their presence was a present too – don’t forget to thank your gift giver for attending your wedding and for thinking of you at this special time.

Personalized wedding thank you notes always come in handy.

Here are a few sample thank you notes to help get you started:

A Cash Wedding Gift

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Zach and I are so grateful for your generous gift.  Now, we’re one step closer to the bathroom remodel we plan to start next fall.  It was so special to have you celebrate alongside us at our wedding – thank you for making the trip.  We look forward to seeing you over the holidays at family parties.

Much love,

Annie and Zach

Group Gift

(Send each member of the group an individual thank you.)

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the wonderful backyard fire pit.  Before, we were counting down the days to our wedding, now we can count down until summer!  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends.  S’mores soon?  Thanks again for thinking of us and celebrating our special day with us.

Much love,

Annie and Zach

A Gift From Someone You Don’t Know

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you so very much for the lovely crystal vase.  It’s just perfect for our home – and this way, Zach has an excuse to keep it filled with flowers.  My Mother has spoken so kindly of you over the years.  Zach and I look forward to meeting you at the wedding in a few weeks.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for sharing this exciting time in our lives.


Annie and Zach

A Gift You Don’t Like

(Focus on your general appreciation, not the wedding gift.)

Dear Renee and Mike,

Thank you for the psychedelic lava lamps, so retro and fun!  Every time we look at them we will think of you and remember this special time in our lives.  Many thanks for sharing in our happiness on our wedding day.


Annie and Zach