The Subliminal Message of a Wedding Invitation

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First Comes the Invitation

The wedding invitation is designed to tell a lot of information about the event.  A classic and traditional invitation indicates a more formal wedding.  If the invitation has casual fonts and multi-colored inks, the ceremony will be more casual.  For those of us who go by old-school verbiage, an invitation features coded language.  For example, a church wedding should read: ‘requests the honour of your presence’ versus a ceremony in a country club or a hotel, which reads:  ‘the pleasure of your company’.  See below an example of a more formal invitation.

Know What to Wear

The style of the invitation indicates the attire of the event.  For formal weddings, check the dress code on the lower right corner of the invite or on the reception card.  White tie is fancier than black tie.  “Black Tie Optional” generally means the bride and groom prefer the men wear a tuxedo.  Women should not wear something too revealing.  If you’re questioning, ‘Is this too much?’ then it probably is.  And, ladies – wearing white is a definite no no!

Remember the Etiquette Basics

  • R.S.V.P. immediately if you are attending the wedding (Don’t forget to write your name on the response card!)
  • Having accepted, arrive 20 minutes before the event.
  • The first few rows are reserved for family only.
  • Be respectful and put your cell phone away – leave the photography to the professionals.

See below some beautiful examples of classic invitations we’d like to share!

Remember to enjoy yourself  – what an honor to be invited!