The Gift of Giving

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Rather than giving out small gifts, some couples are donating to charities as their wedding favors as well as the gifts they receive….

Instead of sending their 100 guests off with tea towels embossed with their smiling faces, or a flower pot with their inscribed wedding date, couples are wanting to give something that means a little more to the guest, and A LOT more to the charity it benefits.

Modern couples are beginning to question the consumer-focused version of weddings, seeking to create celebrations with greater meaning…which, in turn, helps couples create meaningful weddings for themselves and their guests.

Wedding couples aren’t just giving to charities for their party favors, but also in leu of getting a wedding gift they are asking the wedding guest(s) to give to their charity.  One place to start is the Knot’s Knot Gifts Back program.  Wedding couples can attach a charity of their choice to their gift registries.  For every gift purchased off that couple’s registry, the Knot donates, at no extra cost to the couple or guests, up to 3% of the price of every gift to the charity specified by the couple. 

Anyhow ladies and gents, it’s a great opportunity to give back, especially this time of year.  Give the ‘gift of giving’ instead of something that will end up in the back of a pantry or under the bed.  Find something that both you and your partner think is important.  If my significant other and I decide one day to tie the knot, I think we would maybe do something with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which helps rescue and rehabilitate elephants in Africa.  Between my love of animals and his love of Alabama football, it’s a perfect charity!  Good luck, and merry holidays to you all!