The ABC’s of a Thank You Note

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The ABC's of a Thank You Note

The ABC’s of a Thank You Note

I recently came across a charming article published in a popular southern magazine.  Etiquette expert, Elizabeth Edwards, shres the ABC’s of a well-written thank you note.

This is my interpretation of her advice, which I am excited to share with you.  It seemed like a great way to illlustrate the basics.

A.  For notes to family and friends, strike through any formal part of the name at the top of the letter to keep things casual.

B.  Always write out the date in the far right corner, opposite the salutation.

C.  Begin the body of the note directly under the “r” in “Dear”.

D.  Don’t sweat your penmanship – a handwritten note is always beter than any electronic substitute.

E.  A punchy envelope liner acts as wrapping paper for your note.

All this duly noted, try not to get too bogged down by the details.  Any thoughtful, heart-felt note, written by your own hand, is a good one!