Thanksgiving Tips for Being the Best Guest Ever

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The whole object of getting together on Thanksgiving Day is to feel happy you are all gathered together.  As a guest you may not have the pressure of basting the turkey or stressing about the perfection of your family recipe for pumpkin pie, passed down for generations.  But, you still have a job to do, as a guest.

Here are a few tips if things one can do to make the host’s day a little easier:

If you have food allergies, let the host know earl and immediately upon accepting the invitation so they have plenty of time to make special arrangements for you.

http://www.maureenhallinvitationsBy the day before the holiday, the host has a better idea of what’s missing, so call and ask if anything is needed:  cocktail napkins, folding chairs, ice or plastic containers for sending guests home with leftovers.

If you’re bringing chilled wine, make sure you have a way to keep the bottles cold while you are traveling to the party.

If you’ve been asked to bring a dish, make sure it’s prepared and ready to serve when you arrive.  Don’t count on any extra counter space to make it – and extra oven space is non-existent!

Bring a small thank-you gift.  A bottle of good wine or liquor to savor after guests have gone, a box of beautiful stationery or a potted flower or plant are all good choices.

Don’t forget to “make yourself useful” – Ask if you can help, but if you’re shooed away – talk to the stray great aunt who’s on her own!

Don’t drink too much.  Enough said!

Do not under any circumstances, give unsolicited advice to the cook.  Bite your tongue!

Take modest portions until everyone has been served.

Praise the cook, and keep on praising. The host needs to hear all the effort was well worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone – enjoy your time together with family and friends!!!