How Much Time Should You Give Wedding Guests to RSVP?

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If you give them too much leeway, they might forget to reply! Getting family and friends to let you know if they’re coming to the wedding can be frustrating. This is what often happens: You’ll get a flurry of responses right after people receive their invitation (thank you!), then a few will straggle in for the next … Read more

Celebrity Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss’ Top Wedding Essentials

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Recently, Martha Stewart Weddings asked Weiss—a planner to the stars—to describe what her idea of a perfect wedding looks like.  We thought you would enjoy a few of her top wedding essentials for planning your own special day:  First thing’s first: Choose tactile décor that’s reflective of who you are. “My favorite tables are the … Read more

How to Plan a Beautiful, Meaningful Micro Wedding So That You Can Celebrate Your Postponed Nuptials Right Now

When it comes to preparing for the wedding day, there are so many scenarios that the couple and their vendors make contingency plans for. The bride or groom is ill on the morning of the wedding, a VIP or vendor gets lost on the way to the venue, or weather that forces an outdoor ceremony inside. But 2020 … Read more

When Should We Finalize Our Wedding’s Seating Chart?

It depends on a few factors… Arranging your seating chart is stressful enough with just family dynamics to consider! Once you add in the timing factor (your vendors will need your seating plans well in advance of your wedding day!), the process can become even more overwhelming to think about. That begs the question: When do you … Read more

Essential Marriage Advice from Happily Married Grandmas

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Read here as grandmothers dole out marriage advice that comes from decades of experience… Your happy marriage will be unique but there’s no harm in embarking on your marital journey fortified with wisdom from women who’ve married, raised kids, reconnected in empty nests, and are still going strong! “A healthy marriage takes a lot of … Read more

8 Moments You Need to Capture on Your Wedding Day

After months of planning, your wedding will flash by in hours, which is why photos are the best way to remember everything about your big day. But what moments will you most want to look back on?  Don’t Forget to Capture the Emotion Weddings are gorgeous events and it’s very easy to get caught up … Read more

The Ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride Checklist

A step-by-step guide for the other important lady of the day. The mother of the bride traditionally plays a big role in the wedding, especially if she’s hosting. Guests will come to you before, during, and after the “I dos” for information and help. Consider yourself a manager with a slew of responsibilities, including those … Read more