Booking a Wedding Venue? Questions to ask in Advance!

A little bit of investigating can help make a confusing process, less so. Asking the right questions when scouting venues can help in the decision making.  Here are some points to consider, based on experienced wedding planners and recently married couples:What are the duties of your wedding venue coordinator? Not everyone can afford to hire … Read more

Handwritten Notes Prove to be Profitable!

Simple, clean personalized stationery on white card stock

We recently read an article about a city in New York state that has found an unconventional way of inspiring residents to pay their back taxes:  Personal Notes Handwritten y City Officials. We are not kidding.  Do you believe it?!?!  The idea apparently stemmed from an experiment on late-tax payments, where the city of Syracuse … Read more

Reading Between the Lines: How to Decode the Dress Code for a Wedding

Classically simple wedding invitation with matching RSVP card, wedding site card and envelopes with champagne liner

Have you ever received an invitation to a wedding or and not known how to dress? If preferred dress is not stated on the invitation, how do you know what to wear? Whether you realize it or not, the invitation holds TONS of subtle clues: you just have to know what to look for. 1) … Read more

Thank You Notes: Know When to Mail ‘Em – And When to Hold ‘Em!

Personalized stationery for Taylor Swift

“Did you write your thank notes?” is a Southerner’s good morning. It’s like a mantra, ingrained in many a child’s psyche, from a very early age.  Now, I say it to myself.  Instead of OM, one wakes up and thinks:  Did you write your thank you notes?  If the answer is no, the writing of … Read more

Response Cards and Envelopes

Please reply card in bold sans serif font

Today, we are addressing a question that has come up a few times recently: does a response card always require an envelope? In most cases, the answer is yes.  You (the bride or the couple) send a response card with pre-stamped envelope to your guests so they can reply with their attendance and often times, … Read more