Shades of Grey? This Issue is Black & White!

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I am often asked my opinion regarding the issue of a printed wedding invitation vs. an emailed wedding invitation.  Please forgive me if I sound like I am on a soapbox, however, on this subject, my thoughts are unwavering.

I recently read in the news where Benedict Cumberbatch (say that name three times quickly!) traditionally announced his engagement to fiancee Sophie Hunter via newspaper, yet apparently sent his wedding invitations via email.  GASP!

Let’s hope Benedict and Sophie plan a celebration in the future – perhaps a one year anniversary party – where they send out a traditional lovely printed invitation deserving of this special occasion.

fSimply said:  a wedding invitation should be mailed, the old-fashioned way.

A printed  invitation is a reflection of your taste and style.  A printed invitation serves as a keepsake for future generations, as well as a memory for the happy couple of that special day.

Here are a few examples of beautiful wedding invitations trending today:

Lovely Vera Wang laser cut paper pocket wedding invitation with inserts.

Love this bold graphic font and oversize wedding invitation – sure to stand out in the mailbox – and this gold polka dot liner is absolutely to die for!!!!!

Sandstone wedding invitation with blush ribbon, perfect for a destination wedding at a beach resort.

Lovely opal shimmer card with a laser wrap accent – so elegant!