We have up-dated our website!

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Dear Lovely Friends and Clients,

After weeks and months of new photography, writing, design and layout with my marketing team, we have worked hard to make our website more user-friendly.  We hope you like our new look!!!

Celebrating over 25 years in business, we believe it is important to stay current in trends in personalized stationery and wedding invitations, as well as remaining active in all forms of  digital media, including:  website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…essentially, ALL forms of communication!

We certainly hope you like our new look – and find the new photography and layout easy to navigate and visually exciting.  Please let us hear from you with your comments and don’t forget to “like” us on Face-Book, Instagram  and check out our boards on Pinterest. (All social icons at the top of the page!)

Special thanks to Morgen Reynolds & Co. for their marketing expertise in making my suggestions into a reality.

Here’s a sneak peek at “behind the scenes” of our website re-design;


Betsy and Morgen at our photo shoot at the Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens.


One of our favorite shots from the Polasek Museum beautiful gardens.


Here, Morgen and Ed are working on a shot in the Polasek gardens.


Ed, Camia and Morgen working on a tablescape on the steps of our store.


This is the shot of the beautiful destination wedding invitation the team was shooting on the stairs outside the store.