Enough About the Bride – What food was Served?

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Local Cheese and Olive Station at a Wedding Reception.                               (Photo by Ken Kienow)


In the past, wedding guests were often overheard discussing the beauty of the bride and groom’s impeccably-tailored wedding attire, the exquisite venue or the table settings at the reception.  The wedding quartet softly playing Handel or Pachelbel would set the tone and bring a tear to the eye.


Not so nowadays.  The wedding caterer has moved from the shadows into the limelight, front and center!   Now, the menu is sophisticated with allergy considerations and dietary choices.  We’re talking:  “gluten-free”, “no soy”, “nut allergy” and “vegan”.


A nice filet, a salad and a baked potato won’t dazzle anymore.  Caterers now offer treats like ceviche, sushi and kale salad rolls in rice paper.  Some couples request a locavore menu.  Very often, every food item has a name card to identify the farm or fisherman or origin.  Guests now want food fresh from the garden and they want to know just where that garden is!


Every bride and groom want a memorable wedding for their guests, as well as for themselves.  Frankly, I believe guests should be thankful to be invited to a wedding and not be so fussy about food choices.  One thing’s for sure, these days just serving a lovely dinner won’t cut it anymore!