Choosing the Right Wedding Attire can be Confusing!
Lovely example of a formal embossed invitation with Gold and Black ink. Note the attire is: Black Tie.


We came across this amusing afrticle on the web the other day.  It ids from:  McSweeny’s Internet Tendency, written by Matt Morea.

The following is a list of confusing attire instructions.  We hope you find it as amusing as we did.  Enjoy!

Upper West Side Farmhouse

Winter Heatwave

Extreme Black Tie

Closed Rust Belt Factory

Hypodermic Needle Beach Casual

Long Island Race Track

Seminude Semiformal


Saharan Water Park

Men Without Hats

International Space Station Urban

Ecuadorian Nonsensical

Comfortable but not too Comfortable

Full Kryptonian Marriage Garb

Roaring ’20’s but two Months after the Crash

The Second-Fanciest Outfit from Beyonce’s Formation Video
A beautiful example of a less formal wedding with the wording: Cocktail Attire.