Booking a Wedding Venue? Questions to ask in Advance!

A little bit of investigating can help make a confusing process, less so.

Asking the right questions when scouting venues can help in the decision making.  Here are some points to consider, based on experienced wedding planners and recently married couples:What are the duties of your wedding venue coordinator?

Not everyone can afford to hire a full-service wedding planner, which costs on average $1,500, according to  Most venues provide site coordinators who meet with the couples in advance and discuss the planning out of the event.  Some spots provide “day-of coordinators” who are on site during the wedding to make sure the event goes smoothly by handling tasks like setting up decor, assisting the wedding party with photos, overseeing all vendors and solving any last minute snafus (such as a broken zipper for a bridal gown).  If the venue does not provide a “day of coordinator” the couple may want to hire a professional independently.  Though costs can vary, depending on the scope of the job, the starting cost for a “day-of wedding coordinator” is $800, according to WeddingWire.

How are the acoustics?

It is a seemingly minor question – but one that is very important if you would like for all of your guests to hear your wedding vows – not just by the guests in the front rows.  It’s a good idea to ask whether a sound system is available for the officiant and the bride and groom.


Do you have enough restrooms for our guest?

Some spaces have only a single stall – which is not enough for a 50 person wedding.  If it’s an outdoor wedding couples can add extra bathrooms to accommodate their needs.  Consider getting a luxury restroom trailer so that guests have access to adequate, convenient and clean bathrooms.

What equipment and decor do you provide?

Some places provide linens, china and glassware, while others do not.  While looking into table and chair rentals, you may want to get an estimate for the table decor, as well, depending on the services the wedding venue provides.  Your florist will be happy to quote on table centerpieces and may also provide vases, available for rent.  Many brides repurpose the bridal party bouquets as centerpieces for the reception.  An excellent budget-friendly use of the same gorgeous flowers in two different ways!

How many guests can the dance floor comfortably hold? 

No one wants an overly crowded dance floor – nor do you want a dance floor that’s too large for your wedding party.  Couples can generally expect 30 to 50 percent of their party to be dancing at any given time.  So, if one is having a 150 person wedding, roughly 50 to 75 people will be dancing at a time.  In that case, you’d want to plan for approximately 225 square feet or a 20 X 20 square foot dance floor.  Bottom line:  you know your guests better than anyone, so you will want to consider in advance how many people you expect will dance, and plan accordingly.


Do you provide security?

Are there security cameras?  What measures are taken to ensure the security of the event and the guests’ personal property?  Is there a room where you can lock up gifts and other valuables?  Will there be a security guard who can screen out wedding crashers? Most venues do not provide security, so this is a good thing for couples to plan for prior to the event. An unarmed security guard usually costs $15 – $20 an hour, while an armed security guard costs around $20 to $25 per hour.

At the end of the day – try to enjoy the process – Let the Wedding Planning Begin!!!!!