8 Moments You Need to Capture on Your Wedding Day

After months of planning, your wedding will flash by in hours, which is why photos are the best way to remember everything about your big day. But what moments will you most want to look back on? 

Don’t Forget to Capture the Emotion

Weddings are gorgeous events and it’s very easy to get caught up in all of the details that make the atmosphere unique and reflect the couple’s personalities. I think it’s just as important to remember what the day is all about: the union of two people, the love that they share, and the start of their journey together as a family. One of the best moments of a wedding are those that express the pure joy and celebration of the day.

Channel the Excitement into Your Photos

The moments directly after the ceremony—a rush of happiness on the couple’s faces as they recess down the aisle, petals in the air, and excitement of the family and friends!

Make Time for the Pre-Ceremony Moments

Just before the ceremony: From finishing touches to hugs and warm wishes, there’s so much to capture in those moments just before the ceremony, which often seem to pass by so quickly.

Capture All of the Relationships

The moments a bride spends with her mother or closest friends while they’re getting ready is one of the most genuine and fun. There is a sense of quiet happiness and peace that can be photographed all day long

Find the Perfect Dress Shot

The bride getting into her dress. The day has finally arrived and she gets to wear her wedding dress that she’s spent months dreaming about. It can be a very overwhelming and powerful moment for the bride.

Don’t Let Weather Dampen Your Mood

Contrary to what you would hear from most photographers, crazy weather on wedding days are great for the amazing texture, light, and extra charge of emotion it brings to a couple’s day.

Let Them Eat Cake

Sometimes the cake cutting is such a welcomed, playful moment amid the seriousness of the wedding day. It seems to shift the energy and signal everyone that it’s time to cut loose and celebrate. So much fun.

Don’t Overthink It

Bliss moments. These take place with your new spouse. A moment where you think the camera isn’t rolling, and you behave just as yourselves, as if no one is watching.