7 Things You Should Never Write in a Wedding Card

When it comes to the wedding card, many guests struggle with drafting a heartfelt and meaningful message for the bride and groom. No set guidelines dictate exactly what you should say in your card, but it’s probably best to avoid writing these seven things.

Just Your Name

Despite your struggles with writer’s block, you should never simply write your name without a personalized message in the wedding card. This comes across as lazy, tacky, and just doesn’t feel meaningful. If you truly can’t think of a heartfelt message, stick with something classic and traditional, such as “Best wishes on your wedding day” or “Sending lots of love to the bride and groom.”

One-Sided Messages

Do you know the bride but not the groom, or vice versa? Make an effort to avoid a one-sided message in the wedding card. Always address the note to both people to show your ultimate support for the union.

Negative Comments About the Wedding

Never discuss your distaste for the bride, the groom, or any details of the ceremony or reception in the card. Negative statements bring up unnecessary drama, and they can potentially upset those reading the message.

Wishes for a Future Family

You may be jumping with anticipation for the bride and groom to start a family, but this sentiment is best left out of the wedding card. Bringing up future plans may been seen as pushy and out-of-place, especially if the couple is in no hurry to have a baby.

Inappropriate Remarks and Stories

Maybe the bride had a little too much to drink at the bachelorette party, or maybe you have embarrassing memories of the groom. Raunchy stories have their time and place, but a wedding card isn’t one of them. After all, you never know who may read your messages, and you certainly don’t want to spark unwarranted awkwardness or embarrassment.

Excuses for Not Coming

If a conflict prevents you from attending the wedding, it’s in good taste to send a card congratulating the couple on their marriage. However, you shouldn’t describe your reason for not attending, since excuses put the emphasis on you instead of the couple. Simply express your apologies for not being there on such a special day, and send your best wishes to the bride and groom.

Disappointment for Not Being Invited

Not invited to the wedding? Keep any disappointment you’re feeling to yourself. Some couples prefer having smaller ceremonies, and they likely won’t have room on the guest list to accommodate everyone. If you choose to send an wedding card, write a short and sweet note to send your love and happiness to the pair.