The Return of the Chaste Bride

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I am so happy to report that a “chaste spirit” has infiltrated bridal wear, lending a regal air to bridal collections all around the globe.  This trend is validated by the choice of Pippa Middleton for her wedding gown earlier this month.

The wedding industry has been quoted as “moving away from the sexy, sheer look and toward statements about romance, feminity, sensuality and pure simplicity.

chaste wedding gown

Vera Wang was recently quoted:  “My collection was a reaction to the very naked dressing that was happening last year.  More coverage felt newer, and way more modern.”  To that end, Ms. Wang debuted a collection highlighted by filmy collared gowns, billowing sleeves and wispy Empress Josephine silhouettes.

Here  are a few of the popular wedding invitations trending these days, reflecting this move towards more timeless elegance.

Beautiful Textured Wedding Invitation Suite with modern fonts trending now.

Many fashion designers have abandoned the provacative cutouts, plummeting necklines and transparencies they once favored for high collars, covered arms, hooded capes, gloves and other more modest bridal decorum.

Lovely wedding invitation suite with large graphic fonts for bride and groom names.

I, for one, am so happy to see this return of the demure bride and a radical about-face from the wave of sheerness and nudity of last season.  It is important to remember the wedding day is about a timeless, elegant and wedding-appropriate look, when one is surrounded by family and friends.

One of our favorite designs, featuring a laurel wreath duogram with the first initials of the bride and groom, ink colors are sun gold and mushroom.

Last year’s aggressive sexiness has given way to something more magical, dreamy and other-worldly.  The contemporary bride is comforatble with her feminity and coming to terms with the notion that it’s fine to show a tender side.