Response Sets for Wedding Invitations

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While we are in full holiday mode here, we are still working on wedding invitations for next year.  Clients often ask us if it’s really necessary to include a response card (versus collecting responses via email.)  Here are our thoughts:

First and foremost, we are traditionalists.  When it comes to formal wedding invitations, we are never going to be comfortable with emailing a response.

Yes, email is a modern luxury that is very necessary for most all other communications, but when it comes to collecting responses for your special day, a paper response set is more appropriate.

For one, although it sounds counter intuitive, a paper response set is easier to organize than sorting through emails.  Emails can be easily overlooked, accidentally sent to spam and it’s hard to categorize them since some people might mention their accept or regret in another email thread.

Remember, they don’t have to be plain or boring!  You can incorporate elements of your invitation design on your response card to create a cohesive look.  This design was inspired by the bride’s lace dress!

Response card with lace die cut detail to match invitation and dress!

Response card with lace die cut detail to match invitation and dress!

Also, a physical card forces people to respond by a certain date and also submit their food choice, if you are serving a plated dinner.  This makes all the necessary information very straightforward.  With emails, people might forget to mention their food choice, creating more work for you having to email them back to remind them of the options and prompt them to make a decision.

Last but not least, people often write funny or endearing notes on the response cards, which can be fun to read and save to look back on.