News from the National Stationery Show!

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Fresh from the National Stationery Show!  Here’s what we noticed:

-Letterpress is dominating the paper scene right now.  From cards to wedding invitations, this ancient technique is making a STRONG comeback as consumers long for nostalgia and artisans appreciate the craft behind it.  The texture of the paper is velvety while the press creates another layer of intrigue that just begs to be touched.  Letterpress is also an efficient way of achieving that handmade, “one of a kind” aspect that consumers crave.  It certainly makes a statement and has a naturally authentic aesthetic.  Artisans are putting a modern spin on the historic technique by using modern graphics and typography combined with bold (think neon) colors.  The result is delightful! 

– Bold graphics were very present, often with tribal or otherwise ethnic influences.  Sentiments on cards were often direct, sarcastic and sometimes slightly crude, but in a clever, tasteful and creative way.   

-Hooray for neon!!!  Neon is back in a big way.  All shades, in all imaginable products – even wedding invitations.  It’s exceptionally fantastic when paired with gold foil stamp.  Neon is playful and happy, especially great for us Floridians, where we can enjoy it year-round! 

-Wrapping paper has gotten a major upgrade!  Lots of paper companies have expanded their product assortment to include wrapping sheets to match the artwork of their existing lines.  Wrapping presents just got a lot more interesting! 

-Winter Park Represent!!!  Last but not certainly not least, we were so proud to see local companies KILLING IT at the show with awesome booth displays and strong interest from buyers, including major national retailers.  Some were even featured in the “best new product” category of the show!  Congratulations to our neighbors and fellow paper fanatics, including Rifle Paper Co., 9th Letterpress and R. Nichols.

That’s it for our NSS report.  Until next year!