Addressing Service for Wedding Invitations

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Here at Maureen Hall, we love providing solutions for our clients.  In addition to ettiquete advice, wording and design, we also offer an addressing service for wedding invitations.

So many brides and their mothers come in and pour over books for hours before finally settling on the perfect wedding invitation.  Every last detail is examined and often, the addressing of the envelopes is an afterthought. 

Maureen Hall Wedding Addressing Sample

Maybe it’s just “one more thing” on top of a million other things to think about and pay for, but sometimes the sheer thought of it seems to set people over the edge.  “We’ll worry about that later,” is the common response we get at the time of finalizing the invitations. 

Well, eventually “later” rolls around and people find themselves in a panic.  They’re even more stressed because now it’s last minute and professional calligraphy is expensive (and often takes at least two weeks).  Sometimes, people even resort to trying to address them on their own, regardless of their handwriting. 

The bottom line: addressing should not be an afterthought.  It is just as important as selecting the invitation.  It’s the first thing people see!!  It’s the impression before the first impression!  It basically negates everything on the inside if it’s done poorly. 

Ok, now you understand the importance of addressing.  So what’s the solution?  We provide an addressing service, which means we take your typed list of attendees, match the script of your invitations and print them to provide an elegant look at a fraction of the cost of hand calligraphy.  Just look at the quality of these photos.  Would you believe those were not done by hand?  Those were printed right here in our store, within days.  We can match almost any script and color! 

 Maureen Hall Wedding Addressing Sample 2

So, don’t stress (or skimp) on addressing.  It really does make an impression!

Addressing for wedding invitations starts at $2 -3 per set (inner and outer envelope) plus a $40 setup charge per hundred.  Even if you don’t purchase your invitations at our store, we can usually still address your envelopes.  Remember, this isn’t just applicable to weddings!  We do it all the time for other event invitations.